Embassy Publishes A Book On Mongolian Cultural Heritage

Ulanbator Büyükelçiliği 20.02.2014

The Embassy of Mongolia to Turkey has issued a book named "Ilkhanate period historical sites and monuments in Turkey".

The Ilkhanate was a breakaway state of the Mongol Empire, which was ruled by the Mongol House of Hulagu. It was established in the 13th century and was based primarily in Persia as well as neighboring territories, such as present-day Azerbaijan and central and eastern parts of present-day Turkey.

Illustrating related paintings, the book recounts the 13-14 centuries historical sites including hospitals, religious schools, and temples built in Turkish cities Sivas and Amasya, under ordinances of Mongol rulers. It also tells historical battles that took place between Mongol and Turk armies in 1243.

The book also includes images of mummified bodies of prince Jumudar--a grandson of Hulagu--and prince Ishbuga, who ruled vast territories covering present-day Anatolia region in Turkey for many years. The mummies are on display in the Amasya Archeological Museum.

Co-authored by D.Ankhbayar, a doctoral candidate at Ankara University, and by B.Batkhishig Ph.D, the book illustrates some 90 pictures of historical sites and monuments belonging to the Ilkhanate period.

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