Turkish Government Grants Scholarships

Ulanbator Büyükelçiliği 01.09.2014

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Government of Turkey have given 45 scholarships to Mongolians to study in Turkish universities starting from 2014-2015 academic year onwards.

An undergraduates programme will involve 28 students, master degree's--14, and doctorate's--three. These students will be provided with monthly stipends, dormitory, free health service and social insurance. The scholarships cover five years, including one year of Turkish language course.

The students with government scholarships study in universities of own choice, in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir cities. Internships are allowed in every field of study.

Currently, 900 Mongolian students are studying in this country, 350 of them have the government scholarships. Every year, students from 170 countries apply for the scholarship programme, a selection is conducted by the Authority for Turkish Nationals Overseas and Brother Countries. The scholarship website provides applications, all dates and deadlines are announced through the Embassies of Turkey. Mongolian students granted the government scholarships major in economics, engineering, politics, medical sciences, social sciences, Turkish studies, literature, banking and finance, and others.

Moreover, the Turkish Armed forces have given 11 scholarships to students of our University of Defense, the Police Academy of Turkey also grants scholarships every year.


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